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60 fps

This is the main game of SAMURAI SHODOWN. SAMURAI REBOOT! A brand new SAMURAI SHODOWN game sees the light of day! Since its first publication in 1993, SAMURAI SHODOWN has developed into a series of sword fighting games that is popular worldwide. After fans had to wait eleven years since the last title in the series, SAMURAI SHODOWN is finally back with a brand new game with high quality graphics and exciting gameplay! SAMURAI SHODOWN faithfully picks up on the game mechanics and atmosphere that contributed to the success of the series, and adds a revolutionary feature that learns player actions and patterns to create CPU-controlled "ghost" characters. As part of the story a year before the actions of the very first title.

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Created at 19. Jan. 2020

Updated at 19. Jan. 2020

this is a cool game but the review is a test



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Released on 19. Nov. 2019