Forever Entertainment S. A. (FE)

Located in Gdynia, Polan
Founded in 01. Jan. 2010

Forever Entertainment is in the top three of the largest publishers in the world in terms of the number of games released for the Nintendo Switch console. The Company’s current plans include further intensive development of the game catalogue for the above-mentioned console, whose sales have been growing at the fastest pace as compared to other consoles since 2017.
FE releases console games based on its own IP (video game licences) as well as IP provided by external developers. As a partner of indie developers, the Company deals with co-creating, porting and publishing video games for the following consoles: PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. In return, the Company receives a steady share of the profits from games sales. It is also in the process of preparing the release of video games for the latest fifth-generation consoles.

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